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Hand & Feet Treatments

Manicure                                                               £32    File, shape, cuticle tidy, mini massage & conventional polish.

Luxury Manicure                                                   £36

includes all the features of the manicure plus massage & heated mask treatment.

Pedicure                                                                £37

File, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, hard skin removal, mini massage & conventional polish.

Luxury Pedicure                                                   £40

includes all the features of the pedicure plus massage  heated mask treatment.

Add Gel polish to any of the above for £10

Callous Peel - add on to pedicure                                 £10

This gentle giant is our fast working hard skin obliterator and features glycolic acid for exquisite exfoliation.

File & Conventional Polish                                   £21

IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment                        £32

Revolutionary nail treatment to target peeling or damaged nails and enhance growth.

Gel Polish                                                       £31

File, shape & polish.

Gel Removal & Tidy                                                          £17

BIAB - Builder in a Bottle                                 £35

BIAB is used to nourish, strengthen and promote nail growth. It can be used as a replacement for hard gel and acrylic extensions as it's used on the natural nail, making them stronger, allowing them to grow past the natural breaking point.

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