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BeautyLab Facials

Essentials Facial 30 Minutes                             £39

Rich in plant collagen and Hawaiian sea algae, the ESSENTIALS treatment is rejuvenating, deeply hydrating and protects from free radicals and UV damage.  Skin is left cleansed, polished and beautifully conditioned for healthy, soft, radiant results.


Anti-Ageing Facial 60 minutes                         £59

With exclusive peptides and high performance plant derived extracts, this ANTI-AGEING treatment is developed for skin that requires a firm, smooth approach.  Advanced formulations and relaxing targeted massage techniques ease the appearance of fine lines, leaving skin looking and feeling radiantly invigorated.


Microneedling Facial 60 minutes                     £79

Includes all the features of a BeautyLab facial.

If you are having a facial using the 0.3mm roller, you will be given this to take home to continue your homecare routine.

Dermalogica Facials

Dermalogica Pro Skin 30                                 £39

A intensive customised treatment, on your time.  Targeting your key skin concerns for maximum impact in minimum time.  Great for busy clients who want real results.


Dermalogica Pro Skin 60                                 £59

The ultimate dermalogica experience, customised with advanced products, techniques and technology in a sensorial environment for relaxation.  Completely personalised to your skin and different every time.  60 minutes in the hands of an expert skin therapist who will not only personalise a skin treatment just for you but will also calm your mind and soothe your body in a world of relaxation.  Professional double cleanse, exfoliation, face mapping skin analysis, aromatherapy massage, treatment serums, masques, hot's all on the agenda.

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel 30                       £60

Looking for a professional peel experience? In this express 30 minute treatment, your skin therapist will create a customised peel to instantly rejuvenate and refresh your skin.  With a unique system of different acids for a deep exfoliation personalised to you, it is ideal to target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts. 

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel 60                        £80  
Want to experience a truly transformative treatment?  All the benefits of our Pro Power Peel 30 with additional advanced techniques and technologies.  Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating powerful Ionactive Serum, a customised masque and a relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing.

iCon Ultralift Non-surgical facelift

Specialised treatments specifically designed to restore muscle tone and regenerate skin surface using microcurrent.  Rewind the ageing process and look as young as you feel with uplifting and preventative treatments to turn back the years without surgery or injections.

iCon Lift  60 mins                                                           £59
This luxurious treatment is iconic in non surgical facials to delivering dramatic results.  Stimulation circulation, eliminating toxins and restoring muscle tone.  Your face will be noticeably lifted, beautifully smooth with a perfectly refined skin tone.

Eye and Brow Lift  30 mins                                                  £32
Transform and revitalise tired looking eyes with awakening effects.  Purely concentrating on the upper and lower eye area
.  Lifting and toning to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fluid retention, crow's feet and wrinkles.

Sleek cheeks and Jowls  30 mins                                 £32
This unique treatment is ideal for clients who have botox in their upper facial area.  Specifically targeting the lower face, stimulation circulation, removing fluid retention and restoring muscle tone.  Lifting and tightening cheek, jowl and chin area to promote a more defined and sculptured jawline.

Ultra lips  20 mins                                                          £27
Exclusive naturally enhancing treatment purely designed to plump the upper and lower lips.  Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, resulting in more prominent, softer, fuller lips.

Eve Taylor Facials

Sacred Spa Facial 75 minutes                            £55

An ultimate aromatic experience. You are wrapped and cocooned on our heated couch whilst your therapist uses expertly developed tactile techniques to soothe your mind whilst you drift away into the deepest feeling of relaxation.  Includes cleanse, skin analysis, tone exfoliation, mask and moisturise.


Clear & Clarify Facial 45 minutes                       £39

For those who suffer with problematic skin, including teenagers. This facial includes cleanse, skin analysis, tone, exfoliation, steam, mask and moisturise.


Microdermabrasion Facial 45 minutes                £46

The SkinBase Facial (TM) targets a whole multitude of 'skin sins'; microdermabrasion treatments can be used for a wide variety

of skin conditions including fine lines, acne scarring and dull tired skin to ageing skin, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

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